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Following the opening ceremonies all the cars that chose to participate in the cackle assembled in the staging lanes.








Leading off the pre cacklecar parade was Steve Gibbs push starting Kenton Greth in the Speed Sport Roadster.



Don Irvin headed to the topend to organize the push starts.


The cars that chose to push start came out first. Leading the parade was a local car, The Old Timer AA/FD. We apologize for not knowing the names of several drivers and hope others can fill in the blanks.



Another local favorite, the Lil Ol Whine Maker rear engine funny car.



Original driver, Jerry Glenn was back in the seat of the Schultz & Glenn fueler.





Ewell-Bell-Stecker-Olson AA/FD




Sam Chastain was in his Iron Horse AA/FD





Not sure who was in the seat of the Climax AA/FA





Jerry Biven's Checkmate AA/FD




Making its last appearance in the United States was the Banshee AA/FD of Ross and Jude Preen from Orange NSW. Australia. The car could only stay in the U.S. for a year and it has been so that means another long boat ride home.






Dunlap & Fuller "Westwind" AA/FD





Jay Carpenter in his Southwind AA/FD. Mike Clancy was in the car for the push start.





Bob Hirsch in his beautiful Anaconda AA/FD.





Kol Johnson was in the TV Tommy Ivo "Barnstormer" AA/FD






Rick McDonald got the seat in the "ChiZler" AA/FD






The Allison powered Green Monster A/D owned and driven by Dan Rowley.




Kenton Greth in the Speed Sport II roadster.




Pesek & Lucas "Hustler" AA/FD owned by Jim Burgess Larry "the OKIE Smoker Brown in the seat.





Three fuelers showed up sporting the Steinegger & Eshenbaugh names. This recreation of their very first car was done by Al Eshenbaugh in the last year and was one of three legendary cars that debuted at this event.






Steinegger & Eshenbaugh AA/FD






Leading off the static start cars was Cherie Glenn in the Warren-Coburn-Miller AA/FD.





Don Ross in his Bobby Langley's Scorpion B/D.




Don's Hot Rod Shop AA/A




Steinegger & Eshenbaugh Ron Miller Tribute Car.










New fueler of Mike Elsberry, driven and cackled by his brother Mitch.




Gruzen Family Newhouse Special AA/FA







Without a lot of fuel cars, gassers and lower class dragsters were part of the show.


Peter Broadribb in his Moody's Garage D/G Chevy.




Terry Maestrejuan in his Thunder Chief" AA/FD





Ross Howard in the Custom Body Enterprises AA/FC.




Hunt Family AA/A







Because this all happened so fast, the two of us were only able to cover a small portion of the static start cars. This is what we got.






The push start cars were led off by Gerry Glenn.























Due to an incident the remaining push start cars were canceled. We hope you enjoyed the coverage.




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