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The Tucson Dragway Reunion is also known as the Ron Miller Memorial/Standard 1320 Invitational Drag Race.



Red Greth on the prowl.


Noel Griese and Lee Schelin in the Standard 1320 group area.


Chris Stenson and Vic Moneymaker


The Standard 1320 Group area after Saturday mornings wind storm.



Red and Steve


Ron Johnson and Roland Leong adding their signatures to the Grand Marshall poster done up by Ross Howard that was presented to Gibbs on Saturday evening before the cackles.



On Saturday afternoon the Arizona Hall of Fame held a ceremony to induct their 2017 members.


Thelma Goosic


Ed Phillips. The other person is Bruce Mabry the event announcer.


Dan Rusk long time Tucson dragster racer.


Ex Johnny Loper funny car shoe Eddie Pauling who's currently the driver of the Little Old Whinemkaer RE/FC.


Jon Rowley



Don Ewald, Gerry Glenn, Art "the Dart" LeColst and Bill Schultz.


The Goosic family.


Ross and Jude Preen with Mike Bieke


Jackie Bradley, David Pace, Bob Bradley, Bill Ott and Betty Ott again at the Std 1320 area.


Reminders of the upcoming Nitro Revival were everywhere.


Terry Maestrejuan, Jay Carpenter and Tommy Allen


Don Irvin working his butt off. Well actually riding his butt off.


Jerry Bivens


Pam Conrad on the job.


Audrey Mattocks with Mike Bieke


Betty and Bill Ott, Steve and Gordy Gibbs and Susan and Jack Brady.


Tom Barnhill, Audrey Mattocks, Jim Senkewitz, ??? and Cindy Gibbs.



Jay Carpenter and Lee Schelin


Ron Johnson and no ID


Peter and Yvonne Broadribb with Jon Lundberg.


Jerry "The Hunter" Glenn


Can't start 'em too young.



Walter Nash and Red Greth


Announcer Mike English


Don Ewald with his soon to be dead D700.... in like about 2 minutes.


Troy Glenn, Don Irvin and Darrell Conrad.


Don Ewald, Mike Clancy and Jay Carpenter


Team Gruzen


Darrell and Pam Conrad, Mark Robinson, Mike Bieke and Dan Kaplan.


Paula and Lil Darin' BGD.


Roland and Suzi Leong


Paul Northey, Ross and Jude Preen and Bob Honeybrook. Bob is hands down THE Australian Drag Racing historian, the knowledge in that guys head is like an encyclopedia.


Doug Thorley in his recreated Corvair.


Joe Morrison and Don Ewald



Jon Lundberg and Walter Nash introduced Grand Marshall Steve Gibbs.










This was the world the debut of Roland Leong's 1967 Don Long car in its early hemi configuration. It will roll out of the trailer for the first time in public Saturday. The restoration was overseen by John Dearmore for owner Frank Heinig. As you would expect, its a beauty. It is for sure the belle of the ball.





Steve, Gordy and Suzi Leong


Next up was the debut of the recreation of Doug Thorley's "Doug Headers" 1966 Indy winning Corvair funny car.






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