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2009 Winternationals


With the NHRA Wally Parks Motorsports Museum within walking distance of the fabled Pomona quarter mile, its only logical that the NHRA Winternationals and Finals would feature a great assortment of historic cacklecars. In spite of really lousy weather which resulted in a two day delay of the event, the vintage fuelers, funnies, gassers and Altereds hung in there and were a huge part of the overall show.

Photos by: Bob Brown, Robbie Robertson and John Ewald




Due to the number of manufacturers who chose to sit this event out, there was lots of extra space that needed to be filled... and they filled them with CACKLE CARS! Including Al Bergler's traveling road show John Ewald's two car set up, some NHRA Museum cars and several other ambassadors of our family.



The Warren-Coburn-Miller car made its first appearance under new ownership and was accompanied by the beautiful Marvin Schwartz 'Anaconda', the Wynns Spoiler, the McCloud Bros., the Yeakel Plymouth Spec., the Winged Express, Mooneyes, Pisano & Matsubara, and Ash Marshall's Australia based cackler.





As always, Steve Gibbs was herding the cats.








The first fire-up of the wet weekend was Brian Darcy in the Mastercar.




Next a fan jumped (and paid) at the chance to cackle the BankAmericar. Although fire-ups were less than normal due to the weather, at $100.00 a pop Ewald raised $800.00 for the Cacklecar Care Fund.


Next fire up found little Al Pratt in the seat of the BankAmericar.
Al is the son of John's old racing partner Bill Pratt.



The Bob Danly tuneup on the BankAmericar brought the fans running.






Both looking for a 2009 ride, Big Show flopper pilots Melanie Troxel and Tommy Johnson Jr. had a relaxing weekend and spent quite a bit of time with the cacklecars.





Sunday AM Bob Brown found the Ewald camp under wraps.














Another paying fan getting the thrill of a lifetime.



The Ash Marshall car packing it in, heading for their trailer.



With absolutely nothing happening in the Pro pits on Sunday, the fans gravitated to the sound of nitro and at times were 10 deep to see/hear a fire-up. As it turned out - they were the show.








Yes, in the middle of this huge crowd is the Maxed Out Racing team's Mastercar... the fans just could not get enough!




Crew member Mario Garcia brings up the RPM's to the thrill of the driver and crowd.




More at WDIFL.com





Check back for more event coverage as they happen.

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