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Between true Cacklefest events there are several cars in the "family" that serve as goodwill ambassadors doing displays, charity functions and appearances at large public events. Such was the case at the 60th annual Grand National Roadster Show at the Fairplex in Pomona, CA where 12 cacklecars (8 from the Class of '64) drew thousands of roadster, hot rod and custom car fans to their displays and fire ups.

With the theme of "The Class of '64", the cacklecars were organized by Ron Johnson of Cacklefest.com with from the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum and Blake Bowser of the Auto Club Famoso Raceway (promoting the March Meet). The field of first class race cars were welcomed with open arms by the shows promoter, John Buck who gave them all premier spots for maximum exposure. Twelve cars were housed indoors (show only) and four outside doing fire ups all weekend.

Without further ado, enjoy these photos documenting the show.

Photos by: Tom West, Darrell Conrad, Pam Schavrien and John Ewald




 Class of '64 - 1
Class of '64 - 2




The first car to arrive at the assigned building was the "Godfather" of Cacklecars, Bill Pitts and his Magicar.




By the following day, under the banner of Cacklefest.com, Don Prieto's "Hustler V" and 11 other cars were on display.


Ron Johnson's Tommy Ivo "Barnstormer" and Shubert & Herbert cars catty corner to Ted Cyr's Lincoln and the Magicar.









Next to the Hustler V was The Addict.




Doug Robinson's Horsepower Engineering and Ken Blackmore's Poison Ivy.


The Albertson Olds and Dragmaster Dart where on hand representing the NHRA Museum.























Rich Guasco's "Pure Hell" was on display under the Goodguys banner.


Although it would have been a better fit in the cacklecar section, the Tognotti Speed Shop Special was featured in the high end show car building.







Meanwhile, outside the arenas were four nitro belching cacklecars including both of John Ewald's cars, the McCloud Bros. and Ratican, Jackson & Stearns. Most of the fire-ups at this event were paid for by fans and all the profits went to the NHRA Wally Parks Motorsports Museum.


Friday saw some rain in SoCal but that didn't stop the cars or fans from coming out.



Here Ewald gives his patented pre-cackle crowd warm-up where he explains the history of the cars and the power of nitro.






Betty Dalla-Dea got her first fire-up ever in the BankAmericar.







Ron Stearns made some noise with his Ratican-Jackson-Stearns A/FA. In the seat was ace photog, Darrell Conrad.






The second fire up for the Mastercar was a young lady named Teresa Babler from the Twin Cities area in Minnesota. Her husband Clark is the son of 60's top fuel driver Davey Babler.









A paying fan gets the seat of the McCloud Bros. car. with Jake doing the overseeing.







Bob Danly does some maintenance on the BankAmericar between fire-ups.


Part of Ewald's traveling road show is the Budweiser Indy Car sponsored by Firestone. Cynthia Carpenter pretty much runs the show on this one that accommodated many fans over the weekend.




Betty Dalla-Dea and Cynthia with their charge.




Cindy Gibbs Arias never passes up a chance for a cackle. This is her latest fire-up in the BankAmericar.













Lou Santiago who hosted "Muscle Car" on TV gets a thrill in the Mastercar.






More money for the museum....








Another fan contributing to the museum fund in the McCloud Bros. car.







Barry Weissert who works at the NHRA Museum got his nitro fix.














Ron Stearns made more noise A/FA.











We'll close this up with a few random shots of other cars in the show.


Taking up its own piece of real estate was the 'Lil John Buttera display featuring a wide variety of his talents. From race cars to motorcycles Buttera was a true master of form and fashion. The BankAmericar (the last dragster Buttera ever built) was invited to be in the mix but was busy outside using up some nitro.













"The Fonz" Henry Winkler was on hand signing autographs - everywhere.


Winkler with Bill Holland.



A part of the show was a tribute to John Buttera.





















Next stop - the March Meet



Check back for more event coverage as they happen.

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