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Saturday got off to a slow start - at least for Ron Johnson and the Chizler camp.


The pace picked up quickly when Tom Steed fired up Sy Sidebotham's "King & Marshall" restoration for a burnout and short squirt.






With the engine sounding stout, Steed staged and left full throttle but the excellent bite on the Beech Bend track was too much for the clutch set-up and the car was very soft.



One of the Cacklefest Rules is that anyone who has not done a push start must do one on the track prior to the actual Cacklefest event. Several cars did so early Saturday afternoon. First out for his test was Mike Hilton in the Hilton Family ex-Tom Hoover car.




Ray DiNoble, driver of the late Lou Smith’s first “Probe” dragster returned to the seat following a 41 year absence. Ray, driving for current owner Ed Golden, did his test push start with no problems.




Steve Gibbs waits for the track to clear before sending David Hoyh in the "Swamp Fox".






Steve Gibbs and Bob Phillips bring the "Flying Englishman" out for its test.


Phillips kinda missed on the "period correct" push car... to say the least.





Shortly after the first qualifying session ended, the dark clouds rolled in and within minutes the sky was falling. Not what anyone wanted to see.





Due to the rain Greg Sharp and Steve Gibbs called a cacklecar owner/driver meeting to lay out the new plan. Since the track was deemed unsafe (too wet) for push starts, all the cars would be towed onto the track and parked diagonally across the centerline and be self started all at once. This didn't set well with many of the participants, but nobody would second guess the call.

Note: This format made it very difficult to photograph all the cars. With the push starts everyone gets a variety of shots and the coverage is more expansive, orderly and fair. If your car did not get included here it was not by purpose, but by happenstance.




With Cacklefest scheduled for around 8:30, the cars, in no certain order, started moving into the staging lanes. Jerry Baltes is seen here.




One of Floyd Head's original drivers, Nick Polosen brings the Texas based beauty into the lanes. "Good 'Ol" Olin Davis leads the way.



Kenny Safford brings the Safford-Gaide-Ratican "Sour Sisters" digger up the lanes. And parked next to the Probe.



Hilton Family, The Probe and Safford-Gaide-Ratican in wait.


Jim Adolph got the call in Pure Heaven.


David Hoyh making the call in the "Swamp Fox".




Don Trasin's "Mongoose" Vette funny car ready to be pulled out.



I belive this is the first bike to ever take part in a Cacklefest - The Freight Train nitro Harley twin.




Tom "Tuna" Steed in the King & Marshall car.


Steinegger & Eshenbaugh to the lanes.


The cars were brought from the staging lanes and introduced to the crowd by Dave McClelland.


Grand Marshall Barb Hamilton was first in line with her Willis gasser.




Larry Dixon was back home in the seat of the Howard Cams "Rattler".







While the other cars took their positions on the track, the only two cars that would push start were being readied. Above TC Lemon and George "The Bushmaster" Schreiber help Garlits get ready.


In the staging lanes, Ron Johnson and crew were ready to move Karamesines onto the track.



Ray Godman had all three of his cars together - what a show.



Preston Davis was in his old seat of Godman's last dragster.





Bobby Langley taking it all in.


It took quite a while to get all the cars out and parked. Crews were patient... like the Bergler camp.




Floyd Head


















Ralph Kitron waits to fire up the Swamp Fox.




Barnes & Gladstone ready to go.


With all the cars in place it was obvious that there were way too many people involved. Although the teams were told to only have two crew members per car many chose to ignore the directive. This made for a very poor view for fans and photographers.


With all the other cars ready to go, Chris Karamesines was pushed to the top end for his push start.




Right behind The Greek was Don Garlits in his Swamp Rat VIII.



The plan was for all the static start cars to fire-up after The Greek and Garlits lit and were passed them. Chris' car fired on cue and sounded great. Due to a faulty fuel pump, Garlits failed to fire at all.


This very surreal shot by Plum was taken on the fly (swing around) as The Greek, fired, headed for the starting line. It is included because this is exactly the way it came out of his camera. No PhotoShop here.


Once The Greek was back to the starting line, parked and running the other cars started to fire-up but hardly all at once. Some teams had multiple cars sharing the same starter and others opted to fire late to be the last dog standing.


More Chizler/Karamesines from Bowling Green


Pat Foster gets lit.


Langley is lit, Bo Weevil firing up.


Bergler fires.


Jerry Baltes had the Croshier-Baltes-Lavato fueler barking.




As always, the King & Marshall car ran loud and long.




The Hilton Family car was stout in its own right.




The Probe sounded just fine, thank you.



The Howard Cams Rattler with Larry Dixon in the seat got a lot of attention.





Kenny Safford ran his fuel tank dry and the fans loved it.




The Steinegger & Eshenbaugh fueler performed flawlessly.





The Swamp Fox was the last dog standing - it was running a full 45 seconds after all the other cars had gone silent. Unfortunately this is the only photo we have.





Jess VanDeventer has some cold water post Cacklefest.




Barnes and Gladstone wait for their tow car to retrieve them.


John Peters and his Freight Train post cackle.


The Probe is done for this day.



We want to thank all the photographers who shot this event amid numerous obstacles and under unusual circumstances. We are grateful we were able to get as many shots as we did.

Photos by: Paul Hutchins, Walter Huff, Bob Plumer, Vic Cooke, Don Ewald, Warren Merriman, Ernie Boughton, John Ackerman and Roy Steffy.




Check back for more event coverage as they happen.


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