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It wasn't the biggest Cacklefest show but the cars that did make the call to Columbus, Ohio and National Trails Raceway were quality pieces and the NHRA Big Show fans loved them. The upside for the cars that did participate is they get a lot of cacklefest.com ink!

Through the event prior to Cacklefest, the cars were part of a small NHRR promotional display situated within the Pro-car pits ("Nitro Alley") rather than along the Manufacturer Midway. Elsewhere (his pit) Don Trasin had the "Jade Grenade" and McEwen Corvette FC on display. Trasin was competing the Super Comp and Super Gas categories with his current racecars, precluding any active role in Cacklefest. Co-ordinators for the Cacklefest were Fred Bear (legendary Gasser driver from the eastern S&S Gasser Team) and former NHRA Division Director Bob Daniels.

Now we invide you to enjoy some Vic Cooke photos from the weekend.


Scene-set at National Trail Raceway (U.S. Route 40 that runs in front of the track is known as "The National Trail").


The five cars that were there had a really nice pit area behind the grandstands amid the Top Fuel rigs. L to R: Al Bergler's "More Aggravation" AA/FMC, Barnes & Gladstone AA/FD, The Probe AA/FD and Croshier-Baltes-Lavato AA/FD.


Barb Hamilton's 1937 Willys C/GS was at the head of the pit lineup.





Don Trasin had his two premier cacklecars on display but racing commitments and the absence of Pat Foster kept them out of the Cacklefest.



There was a constant flow of fans admiring the cars and asking questions.


Fred Bear's Nomad Pushcar for Baltes' AA/FD and Jacob's '65 Ford Pushcar for "The Probe".




Midwest staple Barb Hamilton who will be the "Grand Marshal" at the 2006 NHRR at Bowling Green, KY.


The Probe and Jerry Baltes' cars at rest.




Al Bergler's restored "More Aggravation" AA/FMR



Barnes & Gladstone 1963 AA/FD


Beginning the tow to pre-staging, Barb Hamilton rolls past the fans along "Nitro Alley". As is customary at NHRA events, the cacklecars are taken to the top of the push road prior to the semi final pro rounds.


Lining up in "pre-staging" downtrack. This is at the 1000' turnoff leading into the pro pits from the return road. The cars gathered here just prior to the semi-final round before staging on the return road itself.




Joshua Shaw's Ford pushtruck for "More Aggravation" fitted with a Potvin-blown small block Chevy in the bed.



Pulling out into staging along the fence on the return road. (At this point, the return road is one-way downtrack for the race crews chasing their car for pickup at the top end). Hamilton, the only self-start car, was at the head of the line on the top end.







Josh Shaw's girlfriend, Beth Roedersheiner, offers a few glamor poses from the seat of "Michigander"


Hurry up and wait...


Croshier-Baltes-Lavato AA/FD
Owner: Jerry Baltes
Cacklefest Driver: Jerry Baltes
Pushcar/driver: 1955 Chev Nomad - Fred Bear


Talk about old meeting new. You have 40 year old race cars with a 4.90 on the scoreboard.


Al Bergler's "More Aggravation" AA/C
Cacklefest Driver: Al Bergler
Pushcar/driver: "Hillborn"


Bergler in the cockpit. Note helmet.


Barnes & Gladstone "Michigander" AA/FD
Owner: Bud Barnes and Bob Gladstone
Cacklefest Driver: Bud Barnes
Pushcar/driver: 1953 Ford Pickup - Joshua Shaw



Everybody ready to go.


Prior to the push start fuel cars, Barb Hamilton drove her Willis to its spot on the track.


"The Probe" AA/FD
Owner: Ed Golden
Cacklefest driver: Ron Bergler (Al's son)
Pushcar/driver: 1965 Ford Wagon - Jim Jacobs


This is a great shot of a push start and check out the fans in the rear view mirror.








Perplexed shrug and hand gesture by Jerry Baltes as his car wouldn't fire. Starting line crew pushes him into position. (Jerry thinks mag might have been wet and shorted from all the rain).












Summary by Vic Cooke: Very cool weather and a lot of rain factored into both raceday attendance and the running of the race. Rain didn't quit till 10 a.m. on raceday. Looked like quite a few "sold" reserved seats were left unoccupied.

The congested display area didn't allow for any "exhibition" fire-ups of the cacklecars at their pitsite.
Nonetheless, the display was quite popular with a steady crowd of admirers and the curious circulating through.

Not the noisiest C'fest with only three of the five cars running...and the "Michigander" being the only lit car on nitro. Reception by the fans was positive, but a little subdued. I noted many taking photos, and a lot of waves from the stands and positive comments from the fencehangers as we pushed back to the pits.

The effort may have suffered from the lack of any opportunity for a "rehearsal," particularly considering the very short pushstart room available and inexperience on the part of one of the drivers and a couple of the pushcars.
(Would a chance to "warm" the engine at the pitsite prior to staging have helped the failed-start situation?)

Despite the glitches, everyone rose to the occasion with an "improv" effort to present a good show, and it was a commendable performance.




Check back for more event coverage as they happen.


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