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The Cacklefest itself took place between the semis and final rounds of the pro classes. The cars were gathered in the staging lanes then towed/pushed up the return road to the top end. From there they got ready, pushed onto the track, and were push started from the finish line.

Photos by: Ron Lewis, Tom West and John Ewald.




As always, Steve Gibbs was the ring master.


Once again the members of Drag Racers Inc. of Las Vegas provided the necessary push cars for those who didn't bring their own.


From the pits to through the staging lanes.


John Ewald's veiw going to the top end.




At the top end the cars were arranged in their fireing order.


The Baney - Rossi bunch.







Norm Weekly and the Frantic 4 car/crew don't miss to many Cacklefests.



As always Terry Maestrejuan and his well dressed crew were ready to go...Terry may be a quite guy but his car is very loud.



Yep...Tom West at it again.




Trevor Larkin and company waiting for the call.


Crew Chief Bob Danly pulls the clutch pin for John Ewald as they prepare to push off.








Being the cars started at the end of the Vegas track which is uphill...rolling down to the staging point was an easy task.




Ace Funny Car driver Jack Beckman, who will never pass up a push start, was in the seat of Paul Schavrien's beautiful "Poacher". Jack, being the great guy he is, had Gary Cochran serve as an honorary crew member on the starting line for one of his qualifying runs in the Valvoline funny car.



Veteran Walt Stevens shows how it's done in Jake McCloud's Bluestreak Spl.




Regular shoe Norm Weekly in the W-R-F&H car.



Terry Maestrejuan in his beautiful Woody car. In the mid 70's Terry bought Don Ewald's top fuel RCS rear engine car and raced it for a number of years. Now he's having fun!



Next to Maestrejuan was Trevor Larkin with his dad, "Lil Tommy" behind the car.



Larkin had the new Pat Foster tribute sticker on his scoop.







Bobby Hansen in his restored Wynns Spoiler AA/FD.




Bob Danly has some fun with John Ewald as he looks in to see if John wants the clutch pin inserted before his left leg gives out.





The beautiful Yeakel Bros. car was shoed by ex-top fuel driver Bill Tidwell. We expect to see Paul Rossi in the seat soon as he did his first push start while the team was at Vegas.










Always a crowd favorite, Sonny Messner in the Dar Garlits Swamp Rat III car.







"Fast" Jack Beckman in Paul Schavrien's Poachers car...looks like Paul needs to find a bigger helmet for Jack...no implication made here.




After the last historical dragster shut down the Las Vegas crowd gave the whole group a standing ovation...the fans do love these front engine pieces of history.












That's all folks!





Check back for more event coverage as they happen.

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