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Nostalgia Nitro Shootout


04-21-07: Fontana, CA. The inaugural Nostalgia Nitro Shootout at California Dragway was conceived and organized by the All American Fuel Dragsters, LLC and the Nostalgia Funny Car Assoc. to showcase their nitro burners to SoCal fans who had never seen these kinds of cars at Fontana before. The one day event was limited to 150 cars that included 5 Top Fuel Dragsters and 11 fuel Funny Cars. Also on had were a small contigent of cacklecars to help promote the upcoming "Cacklecar Showcase" August 4th, 2007 at Irwindale Dragway. By all accounts the show was good, the crowd large and everyone had fun.

Photos by: Bob Brown, Tim Marshall and John Ewald.




In all 6 cacklecars made an appearance at Fontana. John Ewald had the BankAmericar and Mastercar Maxed Out Racing road show, the McCloud Bros. debuted their new Bluestreak Special recreation, Jay Carpenter brought out his awesome "Syndicate" twin engine fueler, the Poison Ivy car of Ken Blackmore and the Custom Body funny car.


Cacklecars were set up right behind the grandstands.











Dusty McWilliams and Steve Gibbs representing the NHRA Wally Parks Motorsports Museum are stapels at most all events where Cacklefest cars are present.


John Ewald, Steve Gibbs and Mario Garica help Harvey Palish into the BankAmericar. If, by chance, you don't recognize the name Harvey was Diamond P Productions and along with Steve Evans and Dave McClelland put NHRA drag racing on TV. Until ESPN took over the contract, Diamond P offered national event race coverage second to none. To this day people speak of how much they miss the team of Evans and McClelland and the directing style of Palish. It was good to see him back out to and event and he really loved sitting behind 2500 horsepower for 5 minutes!





Maxed Out Racing crew members Mario Garcia and Bob Danly check the heat buildup in the "BankAmericar" always wanting to give the longest and loudest cackles while not hurting parts. Between the "BankAmeicar" and the "Master Car" this team has fired up the engines over 850 times with no damage to speak of.






Mario, Bob and Cynthia start packing John Ewald's "Maxed Out Racing" traveling road show. There is always a few fans who stick around to see how this team puts two 20 foot dragsters in a 30 foot non-stacker trailer. It's easy...one on top of the other!



Debbie of the very trick Matt Rider shirt company enjoyed a cackle in the "Master Car". In fact she purposed marriage to the dragster afterwards!


The McCloud Bros. debuted their new Bluestreak Special recreation.





Ken Blackmore's Poison Ivy fueler.






Jay Carpenter's awesome "Syndicate" twin engine fueler.









The Syndicate running on all 16 cylinders.




Check back for more event coverage as they happen.


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