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Cacklecars Huge Hit Over 3 Day Event

Between true Cacklefest events there are several cars in the "family" that serve as goodwill ambassadors doing displays, charity functions and appearances at large public events. Such was the case at the 57th annual Grand National Roadster Show January 20-22, 2006 at the Fairplex in Pomona, CA where 10 cacklecars drew thousands of roadster, hot rod and custom car fans to their displays and fire ups.

Organized by Ron Johnson of Cacklefest.com in conjunction with Lee Schelin of the Standard 1320 Group and help from the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum, the cars were welcomed with open arms by the shows promoter, John Buck who gave them all premier spots for maximum exposure. Seven cars were housed indoors and four outside as they were doing fire ups all weekend.

Without further ado, enjoy these photos documenting the show.

Photos by: Warren Merriman, John Ewald, Doug Peterson, Don Ewald and Tom West.


At the head of the indoor display was the beautiful "Poachers" AA/FD of Paul, Pam and Ryan Schavrien and was considered for the "Best of Show" competition.


On Saturday the Schavrien's hosted a "Poachers Reunion" when the original 1970 crew came by to see their restored car. LtoR: Dick Gill, Jake McCloud, Paul Rick, Donnie McCloud and in the seat, driver Walt Stevens. The only one missing is the late Jack McCloud.


The "Poachers" with Paul, Pam and Ryan.



Bill Pitts had a family function to attend but that didn't stop his "MagiCar" from being on display.


Another crowd favorite was Ron Johnson's small block Chevy powered "Shubert & Herbert" (aka Shoobie) recreation.





Keeping Shoobie company was the Steinegger & Eshenbaugh AA/FD that made the trip to Pomona from Phoenix, AZ.



John Loukas' AA/Fuel Coupe has been residing in the NHRA Museum (also located in the Fairplex) so it was only a short tow by golf cart to building 6.



Another car towed down the road from the NHRA Museum was George Bolthoff's AA/GD.



Although they are not cacklecars, Doug Peterson's injected hemi dragster and Don Prieto's "Top Banana" roadster rounded out the display.



The senior citizen of cacklecars is Red Greth's "Speed Sport" roadster which also resides at the NHRA Museum.





The outside displays were the Ewald Motorsports BankAmericar and Mastercar, Norm Weekly and Jim Fox with the Frantic 4 and Dennis Prater's Stellings & Hampshire beauty.




The nitro was really flowing Friday night when Steve and Cindy Gibbs did the first father daughter side-by-side cackle. Gibbs, until his "semi-retirement' in 2003, was deeply involved in drag racing his entire adult life. He was a drag strip manager, the NHRA Event Director and most currently involved in all the Cacklefest/CHRR/NHRR/museum events. In over four decades of doing what he loved best, the Mastercar is the first running fuel dragster he ever sat in. Daughter Cindy obviously has deep roots in the sport as well.





Frantic 4 night fire.


Dave Anton of American Shine Car Care Products and his office manager, Wendy (below) both got some seat time during the show. The crowds were SRO 10 deep for each fire-up.



Don Atkinson couldn't get enough of the Frantic 4 car. He got a fire up on Saturday and again on Sunday.



Rebecca Atkinson had way too much fun in the BankAmericar AND the Frantic 4 car.







Caroline & Pam Schavrien side-by-side.


Pam Schavrien was the only person who got two fire-ups - one in the BankAmericar and again in the Frantic 4 fueler.



Duane Beasley is a volunteer at the NHRA museum, he cleans cars and helps on crowded days. He has had a heart transplant and is suffering from a lung disease so he had to be helped in and out of the car and wear a face mask with breathers to protect him from the nitro fumes. This was a dream of his, to sit behind a running Hemi on nitro. The Ewald Motorsports crew of Alex Mikkelsen, Bob Danly, Mario Garcia and John Ewald were thrilled to make his dream come true as well as the many other "lucky" drivers for the weekend.


Famous former top fuel driver from the 60"-70's, Walt Stevens got his nitro fix in the Mastercar.


Jerry Millner (Virginia) and Neil Lea (Alabama) made the long trip out to Pomona just to try and find some info on dragsters they plan to restore. Jerry has a circa 1968 Woody car and Neil has a circa 1968 R&B chassis (Buttera). If nothing else they each got a fireup.



Donnie Johansen of the Howard Cams/Rods family, got his first seat ever in a running fuel dragster. Donnie now grinds cams for Chet Herbert Cams and made the cams in both the BankAmericar and the Mastercar...the two "king of flames cars"


Jayne Fenstermaker, sister-in-law of cacklecar owner Dennis Fenstermaker.


Kelly Wright, office manager for Ron Johnson had a chance to experience "Thunder down under!".


Obviously Kelly was not affected by the experience!


Check back for more event coverage as they happen.



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