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The Rini brothers set out in 1963 with a dream they'd had since childhood, that dream was to build and race an AA/FD. The needed to see if they had what it would take to make that dream come true.

They didn't have enough money to purchase a professionally built chassis. So the next best thing was to build there own. Seeing that Jim Rini was a very capable welder, that was the beginning of the dream.

The first two cars they owned were built in Jim's basement. They Built the first car over the winter of 1964-65. This car would go on to win the Canadian National Champion Ship for 1965.The car ended up crashing at Lebanon Valley New York due to a rear tire failure.

The second was also built in the same basement during the winter of 1966-67 with a slight twist in getting it out come spring, it was a longer wheelbase and would not make the turn to get it out. Well left with no other choices, part of the house foundation was torn down(success). That car went on to win a lot of races at many different tracks until the end of 1968 with a slight twist in getting it out come spring, it was a longer wheelbase and would not make the turn to get it out. Well left with no other choices, part of the house foundation was torn down(success). That car went on to win a lot of races at many different tracks until the end of 1968.

These two cars were the last of the homemade cars. It was time to purchase a professionally built car.

That story begins with a health issue of a very close friend, by the name of Chuck Webb. Chuck owned a Don Long car that was originally built for Gaines Markley. Chuck became sick enough that he could no longer run the car. Jim and Dan bought that car in 1968 and ran it until 1971 when they purchased a Don Long RED car.

They kept the FED car for quit awhile, but finally sold it to a local bracket racer.


This is the 1st car the Rini brothers built (over the winter of 1964-65), it was totally hand made. They built it Jim's basement over one winter & broke it down to get it out & then built it again in the spring. PS. Dan also hand polished all of the aluminum (very sore fingers come spring!)


Dan Rini at Mohawk Drag Strip in Deseronto, Ontario, Canada.


After winning Canadian National Championship 1965. The gentleman with trophy is the trophy maker.


Lebanon N.Y. This was the cars third and last outing. This was Labor Day weekend because they couldn't afford to go to Indy. A&B speed shop from the east coast had a injected A fuel car and blew the motor apart in the lights just before Dan was up and was in that lane. As was the case far too often in those days, the clean up was not well done, so as soon as he got in the lights the car lost control. The best part of the run was the fact the clutch had wore so that it slipped the whole way showing everybody their first smokeless pass. It also resulted in an unwelcome bath.


This blue car was the second car they built in the same basement, with a slight bit of a different problem. It was a longer wheelbase than the gold car. Because of backyard interference it wouldn't make the turn. Down side was knocking out some of the foundation to get it out. Upside that car worked well from 1967 thru 1969. Built winter of 1966-67.


The car at Mohawk Drag Strip in Deseronto, Ontario, Canada.


A win at At Napierville.


Rini Bros. another shot at Napierville, Quebec


Jim Rini checking tire pressure at Sanair in Canada. This was the 1st car they ever purchased (a Don Long).


Long car in the pits at Sanair - Jim & Dan Rini by the trailer.


Dan Rini on a pass at Sanair.



The Don Long car was later painted green & gold in honor of the Zookeeper. They kept this car around and even entered it at the Syracuse N. Y. Auto Show.

Their next and last venture went to a Don Long RED. 1971-72 and ran it until 1977.

These two guys loved what they did and had a lot of fun doing it, until it became cost preventive.

Dan and his wife had started family and it was time to change gears, and focus on the future.


In this time they opened a business in Kingston Ontario Canada. Rini Racing Engines proved to be a very enterprising business. They decided to semi retire and sold the complete operation.

Dan went on to purchase a home on a lake, that had living quarters for the kids in his new line of work a Water Ski Instructor.

He and his wife would Canada every winter for Florida. They started building a house there and have now moved their.

PS. "Just thought I might offer a little insight into the Rini Brothers of Kingston Ontario Canada. I met them in the winter of '63 when they were building their first fed in the basement of Jim's house. I was amazed at the total dedication needed to build something so complex and then to have to dismantle it to remove it from the basement. I feel that this action is the epitome of "We did it for love".

They had an impressive amount of success with all of their cars thru the years on a limited budget. They purchased the parts for the cars from Dick Gaylord's shop in Baldwinsville, NY with Canadian nickels, dimes and quarters saved from the time they were kids. Their dream of drag racing was coming true. They were ever gracious and appreciative of the help that we gave them in the pursuit of their dream of championship racing. Every trip that we made to Canada to deliver parts or race our own car, we were always taken into their homes and treated as family. Some of my fondest racing memories include "the Indian" who danced to ward off the rain at the meets. Bob Beazer, (the Indian) was also from Kingston . Our relationship switched to long distance when I left New York in February 1966, but the Rini Brothers and Bob Beazer and I have remained good friends and still exchange phone calls to keep up with what's going on each others lives."

James Ecker Sr.



Owner: Dan Rini - Claremont, Florida
Original Chassis by Don Long

In 2000 Dan got the bug to restore the Don Long car. He knew where the car was but the owner would not sell it (still a bracket car). So the next best thing was to make a whole new chassis built to the same specs as the Long car. He made everything to exact specs. He decided he wanted a magic car front end so that was the only difference from the Don Long car. He also had to hand form a whole new body.

As far as the restoration part, The 392 is just the way it came out of the old car. As is all the steering, rear end, brakes, clutch can, clutch this car could still make quarter pass anytime.

Hence the lettering under the name Canadian, It says "the way we were!"
This project started in 2000 and completed in 2008. It was done in Dan's spare time and was totally built by Dan. Chassis, body, motor - everything!








































The car made its Cacklefest debut at the 2012 California Hot Rod Reunion.


















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