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Bob Creitz has been involved in drag racing for over four decades and has owned some of the prettiest and best performing dragsters in history. After a tragic accident destroyed his 1967-68 car Creitz and the late Ed Greer (partner in previous car) teamed up with the late Ed Donovan to field the first of two Don Long cars Creitz would own. It was most recently owned by T.C. Lemmons until 2004 when Garlits bought it, restored it (sort of) and it now resides in the Garlits museum.

The second Don Long car "Creitz and Donovan" (Ed Greer was not involved), which turned out to be the last front engine configuration he would have, is the one Hanna restored and the current cackle car.


This page is dedicated to the memory of Steve Carbone who passed away at the age 61 in December of 2005. Although this car was driven on occasion by Richard Tharp and Bill Tidwell, Carbone is the only driver people remember. Before his untimely death, Steve got to be part of the restoration and was in the seat for the cars first two Cacklefest events (Bowling Green and Bakersfield). He is deeply missed by all who knew him. Carbone is pictured here at the wheel of the Creitz & Donovan fueler in 1969.


Bob Creitz and Ed Donovan put the finishing touches on the new Creitz & Donovan fueler in early 1969. The location is Donovan Eng. in Torrance, CA.


The car won more than its share of races.



The car won more than its share of races.



Bill Tidwell drove the car for a couple of races in 1971.


After this near blowover at Tulsa in 1971 the car was repaired and carried on to finish out its career.








Fortunately Creitz never lost track of the 1969 car and that, in 2000, he decided to restore for the then new Cacklefest events. The car was delivered to Tom Hanna's shop and the restoration got under way in fine form with Pat Foster doing the necessary chassis repairs and Tom Hanna repairing/replacing battle worn body panels. Then Hanna and Creitz got involved in Tom's car and the C&D project was put on the back burner.

For several reasons the restoration layed basically dormant until March of 2005 when Creitz, Hanna and Carbone got back on it with the 2005 NHRR as the debut target date.


Tom Hanna's Kansas shop in August of 2000. In the foreground is the "Creitz & Donovan" AA/FD restoration and in the background is the "Beebe & Mulligan" AA/FD reproduction. The former was brought to Hanna's for a body and while it was there Foster did some "corrections" on the chassis.


First step was to strip the chassis and paint it Creitz blue.



Once painted, the Hanna massaged parts were installed.


Hanna machined some really trick parts for the car including torsion bars and steering arms.




The body gets its base color paint as did the 392 long block.



Fuel system and hand formed hard lines set up on dummy block.




Body fitted prior to the final lettering. Engine parts all polished and laid out on a work table.



All the signage is hand painted - no stickers.





Engine in showing more Hanna special touches to the controls.



Final touches.




Creitz's target date was met and the car debuted at the 2005 NHRR in Bowling Green, KY.




Stunning details right down to the Don Long steering wheel and brake handle.


Steve Carbone in the car for its maiden warm up in Kentucky.


Bob Creitz, Steve Carbone and Tom Hanna


The cars Cacklefest debut was Saturday night with Carbone in the seat.







Carbone's last view of a fuel burning hemi - who would have guessed. Creitz's immediate plans for the car are not known. He and Steve were very close friends and the loss struck Creitz hard. We would guess it will continue to attend Cacklefest events if, for no other reason, the memory of Carbone.



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