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With all the introductions given on the parade page, here is Cacklefest proper with out having to read anything! Just enjoy the photos and imagine the feelings. The static start cars fired first followed by the push starts. When the order was given, all the cars started at once (or at lease were suppose to).
















































No where substantiates the "Months to the flame" theory more than the push start part of the Cacklefest program. The more header flames, the more photos. Its not planned that way, ideally all cars would get equal coverage but they don't. It's hectic out there shooting these cars and like months, photogs are drawn to the flame. It is what it is.






























































































































































































































Honoree Presentation, Hotel Cacklefest

Practice Push Starts, Pits & People

Cacklefest Parade

Cacklefest Proper


In closing I offer a reminder of why we have these events and why we call them "reunions". This is a representive list of folks our drag racing family has lost since the California Hot Rod Reunion last October. They have seen their last reunion, the best reason for us to make every one we can.

Ray Agee
Jim Albrich
Dale Armstrong
Bill Barrett
Raymond Beadle
Jim Beattie
Bob Bentley
Phil Bonner
Dexter "Pop" Bradford
Gary Burgin
Bob Cooley
Bud Coons
Beth Crossley
Al Dal Porto
Denny Darnell
Steve Denbo
Bruce Dillashaw
Henry Duga
John Ewald
Doug Fisher
Roger Garten
Randy Hagerty
Dick Harryman
Jerry Heroux
Larry Huff
Bob Keith
Jim Kelly
Steve LaBurn
Joe Lepone, Jr.
Pauline Long
Muggins Martin
Moe Mills
Mike Mitchell
Dorothy Mooneyham
Boris Murray
Deloy Naeb
Doug Nash
George Otto
P.J. Partridge
Charlie Proite
Bob Richardson
Ben Rizzio
Jaime Sarte
Greg Scott
Tex Smith
Kat Suhr
Phil Tadlock
Leo Taugher
Dale Thierer
Fritz Voigt
Don Waldschmidt
Scott Weney
Hank Westmoreland
Robert Wilkison
Don Williamson
Greg Wright
George Wulf


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