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Before the Cacklefest on Saturday night the cacklecars are given opportunities to do either required (new car or new driver) or "practice" push starts. Since there is no schedule for this deal, our photogs may have missed some. Here is a representative sample of what we got.





















































































































































The only regret this year was not enough people shots. We were all focused on the cars, how dumb is that?


"Jetcar Bob" Smith and his son-in-law Don Simica.


Roy Steffey


Dave Kommel


Paul Hutchins


"Ohio George" Montgomery


Garlits new look.


George "The Bushmaster" Schreiber and Bruce Larson


Pete Palumbo, Schreiber and Don Ewald



Paul Broughton went to school on the Bushmasters tennies.


When wasn't there a Hilton in drag racing? I can't remember. Here are 3 generations of the Hiltons, Michael, Tyler, Bobby and John.


John Hilton and Auston Myer.


Bobby Hilton, son-in-law to Jim & Alison Lee, debut his new 7.0 PRO car with a paint scheme tribute to the Lee's Great Expecttions Top Fuel car of the late 60's. Son Tyler, a thrid generation Hilton driver, shoes the beautiful ride.


Jim Lee


Tyler Hilton with his grandparents, Alison & Jim



Gordon Collett touring the pits.



David Paine and The Bushmaster


Tom Hoover and Al Bergler


Don Ewald and Chip Woodall


Ron Hope


Chris Graves and Mike Sopko Jr.


Adam Sorokin keepin' cool.



Cacklefest cat herder Steve Gibbs with Jim McCraw.


Keith "Rooman" Burgan with Gibbs.


Frank "Rootbeer" Hedge, Bill Dunlap and Nick Arias III.


Bob McLennan, Jim Young and Dale Suhr.


Tera Wendland and Steve Scott


Back to Thursday, no thanks. Next stop Cacklefest Parade




Honoree Presentation, Hotel Cacklefest

Practice Push Starts, Pits & People

Cacklefest Parade

Cacklefest Proper


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