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It has become a Pomona tradition (NHRA Winternationals and NHRA Finals) to feature vintage race cars in the "corral" area of the pits. Some meets have a theme and in this case that honor went to the wild and woolly fuel altereds. Mix in a dozen cacklecars (not that most of the altereds are also cacklecars), a few hot rods and some nostalgia race cars and you have a great show for the fans. Throw in some static fire-ups and Gibbs & Co. racked up another great corral.

Here are a few photos from the event for those of us who could not attend.


Mike Sullivan's patriotic altered served as the example of the new Fuel Altered class debuting at this years March Meet.















































































Katie Capps (Lil John Buttera's granddaughter) got a fire-up in the last FED John built, the BankAmericar.








Ron Johnson gave Ex-Funny Car shoe Whit Bazmore a fire-up in his Tommy Ivo "Barnstormer". Afterwards Whit told Ivo it was like sticking a needle in a junkies arm. It was his first time in the seat since he quit driving.




Between the semis and final rounds some of the cars were paraded in front of the grand stands receiving a lot of love from the fans. Many are asking why ESPN3 chose to lock their cameras down showing the tower when they could have aired this. Another missed opportunity for NHRA to show there is more than racing at their events.














To his delight, WDIFL photog, Ken Hughes got a fire-up in the Schultz & Glenn car.






Doc Halladay of the 70' Telstar funny car fame with Leigh Buttera.





On Sunday Krista Baldwin (Chris Karamesines' granddaughter) in the BankAmericar and TMPCC president Ken Ladka in the Mastercar gave the crowd a "Nitro Throwdown"® and they went wild.




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