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One of the cool parts of the Cacklefest show is the pre-fire up parade where the fans get to see the cars and crews up close and personal while getting a verbal history of the cars. This is also a fun deal for the folks participating in the event.

Like the CHRR at Bakersfield in October, this event draws more quality cacklecars each year. Not nearly as many, but really nice iron.

First out are the push start cars as they go to the top end of the track. Following them are the static start cars that are positioned on the guardwall in the starting line area. Meet the 2014 NHRR Cacklefest participants.

We present them to you in the order they were presented to the fans. And if you tell yourself there are too many photos, Cacklefest.com is here to recognize in a small way those who come to this event from all over. This is where they can see the fruits of their labor.

Fist out were the push start cars that proceeded to the top end of the track to suit up and prepare for the call to fire.


NHRR staple had been the Barnes & Gladstone "Michigander" AA/FD owned and driven by Bob Gladstone.



J. Ed Horton in the Hundley & Boggs AA/FD owned by Marty Harrison.




Making its debut was the Jenkins, T-Bar & Cortines late model powered AA/FD owned and driven by Bob Gibson.







Bill Crosby was back in his Bobby Langley "Scorpion V" recreation.





Alan Webb returned in the seat of the sleek John Dearmore AA/FD.





Tom Hunt owned AA/FD driven by Donnie Moore.



The Lyndwood Welding Spec. AA/D owned and driven by. Bob Bilbow.




The Amos families Cox & Amos AA/FD with Ron Nichols driving.



Another NHRR staple is the Perrenot Family "The Gizzle Hopper" Lincoln powered AA/C with Gretchen Shelby in the seat.




Ken Fox in the Fox & Hulls AA/FD.





Jim Walther back in the seat of his "Special Edition" that Lawrence "Penny" Flammia restored and owns. This is a real beauty.





John Logghe in the Al Bergler prepared Logghe Stamping Special.



More Aggravation AA/C restored and owned by Al Bergler and driven by Bob Pacitto.






Paul Schavrien in his "The Poachers" AA/FD. Although Paul was in the car for the parade, Walt Stevens was scheduled to be in the seat for the push start. However, the guys experienced clutch problems on the top end and in the name of safety, opted out of the Cacklefest.







"Little Honker" AA/C owned by Mike Hilton  and driven by Tyler Hilton.





"Indecision" AA/FA owned by Mark Bowls  and driven by Mike Whitney.






Jerry Baltes in his Croshier-Baltes-Lavato AA/FD recreation.




The last of the push start cars was Big Daddy.









Leading off the static start cars was the debut of the "Collecting Collett" AA/D owned by Mark Collett with brother Greg in the seat.




Raymond Godman overseeing his two cars.


Tennessee Bo-Weevil AA/FC owned by Raymond Godman, Scott Davis in the seat.




Raymond Godman's Tennessee Bo-Weevil Top Fuel car with original driver Preston Davis in the seat.





Hillbilly Hemi AA/FD  owned by T.Y. Thompson & Sons  and driven by T.Thompson.






Cupit & Cunningham AA/FD owned by Glenn Cupit. Glenn's 16 yr old grandson, Jordan Cupit, son of Conrad Cupit is in the seat. Per Glenn's directions, they both completely prepared, started and shut down the the car. Still recovering from a serious illness, Glenn just watched from the sidewall. He was proud and enjoyed it immensely.







Comanche AA/FD owned by Paul Broughton with Keith Burgan in the seat.





Motown Shaker AA/FC  owned and driven by Al Bergler.






Another newby was "Panic" AA/FA owned and driven by Mike Hilton.





Out of Sight AA/FC  owned by Don & Jeanne Francis  and driven by Don Francis.



"Mister C" TF restored and owned by Al & Don Nosse with Rayanne Davis in for the fire-up.




"Porter Special" C/D  owned by Dave Huber and Austin Myers was in the seat.




Ditmars Bros AA/D owned by Shawn & Laurie Dill, Laurie Dill in the seat.







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