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June 16/18, 2011 - Bowling Green, KY: Every Fathers Day weekend for the 10 years thousands of hot rodders, nostalgia drag racing fans and cacklecar lovers have made their way Beech Bend Raceway Park for the Holley NHRA National Hot Rod Reunion presented by AAA.

In spite of the hot and humid weather (and obligatory rain showers) the historic dragstrip was packed with hot rods, race cars and fans with SRO on Saturday. The biggest disappointment for some was the top fuel show that featured just four cars. On the other hand, those who love the traditional Cacklefest were not let down.

By accounts the Cacklefest went pretty much as planned with Steve Gibbs, Alan Miller, Gwen McWilliams herding the cats

Nonetheless, like all Cacklefest's, this one is better seen and just talked about so without further ado - here is Bowling Green 2012 starting from the beginning.



Starting on Friday with the Honorees Night at the Holiday Inn University Plaza & Sloan Convention Center, the Reunion host hotel. For whatever reasons I received very few photos of the indoors part of the evening.


The class of 2012 Bennie “the Wizard” Osborn, Bill Stibbins, Grand Marshall Tom Hoover and Jack Ditmar. Honorees Jere Stahl and Jack Moss did not attend.


Grand Marshall Tom Hoover gets his Wally from MC Dave McClelland.



Eileen Daniels, Co-Director of the National Hot Rod Reunion, Jack Ditmar, Steve Gibbs and Rose Dickinson, Manager of Marketing and Advertising at the NHRA Museum.


Gibbs and Big Mac


Bennie Osborn and Gibbs.


The Justice Bros. Spotlight Award went to the Middletown Pacemakers Car Club of Ohio. The Pacemakers have been around since the mid-50s and have helped to pioneer drag racing at it's best. A few of the original members were on hand to receive the award at the Holiday Inn.


The hard working Monique Valadez, Manager of Education and Public Relations at the NHRA Museum.





Another tradition are fire-ups outside the Convention Center. This year it was Bennie Osborn's top fuel car and the Jungle Jim funny car.




Steve Gibbs and John Neas the owner of the Benny Osborne Wizard car,
a Tony Nancy car, and the Jimmy Nix restoration project that John
purchased from Larry Anderson.


TF shoe David Pace and Jim Rodarmel.


Ron Huegly from Oregon was in the JJ car.





Osborn was in his car.











Here are some random pits shots over the event...


Ray Godman's "Tennessee Bo-Weevil" camp.






Hundley & Boggs AA/FD


Hellzapoppin C/D



The debut of Bennie Osborn's SBC twin recreation. The original car was the 1962 world champion.



The Hilton family's latest entry "Loco-Motion".




Thomas Pritchard Harrison AA/FA


Geri Tarvin's "Classic Jim Davis" business coupe.




Paul "Ernie" Brougton with his brand new Comanche AA/FD



Bob Malone Pontiac powered A/FD


The Croshier-Baltes-Lavato pit. Jerry had an engine problem this year and didn't make the Cacklefest Saturday night.



Don Ross' Bobby Langley Scorpion I B/D


Bill Crosby's Bobby Langley Scorpion V.




Cupit & Cunningham SBC fueler.





Norb Locke and his Grandpa's Toy.



"Fox & Hulls" car owner Don Fox from Chicago had his son Ken Fox in the car for a practice push start.









Brian Perrenot was back for his third NHRR in the restored Perrenot Family "The Gizzle Hopper" Lincoln powered AA/C with daughter Gretchen in the seat.






Benny Osborn camp keepin cool.


"Lynwood Welding Special". Car owner/driver Bob Bilbow has kept the car, built by his father Pat Bilbow in 1961, in perfect original condition for the Cacklefest.


Indecision AA/FA


Benny Osborn warming his engine prior to Cacklefest.


Gene's son John Logghe in the seat of the Logghe Stamping Spec. AA/FD








Joe Passalaqua had his beautiful Smirnoff car in attendance but had to leave early (Friday) due to a family medical situation.









Another debut was the 1971 English Frakes & Funk AA/FD. This was their first venture into Top Fuel and didn't last long as the rear engine cars were rapidly coming on the scene so this car was parked.



Hundley & Boggs AA/FD back for its second NHRR.



Bruce Larson







Cox & Amos AA/FD was back again and sounding good.


Paul Hutchins put his camera down long enough to try out the seat in the Tarvin Woody car.



Larry Dixon Sr.




Practice Push Starts


Art Marshall in the Jim & Alison Lee "Great Expectations" owned by Brain Beattie.








John Mullins put the new Bennie Osborn gas twin to the test, no problems.






"Fox & Hulls" car owner Ken Fox.






Charles Faulkner in Scorpion !





Bill Crosby in his Scorpion V








Tyler Hilton in his first push start.





Hot it was.



Cacklefest Parade and Fireups

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