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 2010 MOONEYES Christmas at Irwindale

December 12, 2010: After rain washed out the 2009 annual Mooneyes Xmas Show, in 2010 Chico Kodama and Shige Suganuma, owners of the Mooneyes stores here and in Japan, hosted their Christmas Party in July at Irwindale Raceway. The event included drag racing, live music, cacklecars and a hot rod/custom car show. Many of the attendees arrived Friday afternoon to set up and that was a good plan, because by 7:00 A. M. on Saturday there were already 3,000 cars in the grounds. About half of them were car show participants and the rest were spectator cars in the parking lot.

The July event was so successful they rolled the dice again in December and do it all over again. The results were the same... tons of race cars, show cars and fans. Here is the day in photos. Enjoy.






Shige Suganuma and Chico Kodama, the brothers behind Moon.


Ron Johnson's Tommy Ivo "Barnstormer" and Chris Karamesines "ChiZler".


Mousie Marcellis had the fabled Winged Express on display.


Along with Johnson's ChiZler and Barnstormer, Jake McCloud had the McCloud Bros. Dean Engineering top fuel dragster on hand and ready for action.




John Ewald was present with his Mastercar and the Ewald Bros. BankAmeicar.




If you saw American Graffiti (and who hasn't) you surely remember Candy Clark who these days is doing special appearances and nostalgia and other car events.


One of the local "pinup" girls got a static fire up in the McCloud car.



Bob Hirsch warmed up his Marvin Schwartz "Anaconda" AA/FD.




Bobby Hanson filling up the tank in his Wynns Spoiler with 92%.





Ron Stearns put another of the "pinup" girls in his Fiat for the warm up.





Bob Muraves in the BankAmericar.



Ron Johnson, Bobby Hansen, Chico and Dave Mandella at the Johnson pit.


Ron Johnson's Tommy Ivo "Barnstormer".






Ron Johnson's ChiZler V originally campaigned by the legendary Greek - Chris Karamesines.





Rod Hynes brought out his "Addict" to make some noise and he put Shige Suganuma in the seat for its warm-up.





The recently restored Masters Dragliner was also on display.



Nobody has more fun taking out his "toy" than Ron Stearns. His restored Ratican-Jackson-Stearns A/FA.




John Ewald's BankAmericar and Mastercar ready for some push start action.



Rod Hynes going to the lanes.


John Ewald, Chico Kodama and Bob Muravez.


Wife Sharon helps Bob get his gear on.



Walt Stevens got the seat in the Barnstormer.


The McCloud Bros car heading onto the push road.


Bobby Hansen strapped into his Wynns Spoiler.


Hynes getting ready.



Muravez, in the BankAmerica, was in the first pair to push start.





Stearn was right behind.


After firing up, the cars drove down the return road with a fence lined with fans.











Down next was the Addict.





Following Hynes was Bob Hirsch and John Ewald.




The cars stopped side by side and simultaneously whacked the throttle. The fans loved it.







With cars car still running the first cars were stopped and getting out.




Then back to the pits.



The show continued with the final pair with Walt Stevens in the Barnstormer first down.




Hansen was right behind Stevens.





The Barnstormer one-upped everybody by going all the way down the return road and back onto the track as if to make a pass. Kol Johnson was on hand to help like getting Walt's fogged up goggles off his eyes.





Although it didn't run, the Winged Express did make its presence known.





The last fire-up of the day was Chico Kodama in the ultra loud Addict.




Another fun event in the books and it was time to load up, go home and wait to do it all again.



A big thanks to the Moon people who have done so much for drag racing over the decades.




Merry Chirstmas until next year...



Check back for more event coverage as they happen.

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