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Barbeque & Cacklefest for the
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation




June 25-26, 2010 - Barona, CA: Drag Corner Promotions, in conjunction with the Manufacturers Cup Challenge hosted a Trackside Barbeque, which was a Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF) fundraising event at Barona Drag Strip in Barona, Ca. a few miles Northeast of San Diego.

The CFF fundraising event was open to the public and took place in the staging lanes on Friday evening June 25, 2010 at 7 pm. (the night prior to Saturdays kick-off of The 4th Annual BG Products Manufacturer's Cup Challenge weekend race)

The event was a cooperative effort between The San Diego Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's "Great Strides" program, Drag Corner Promotions, Barona Drag Strip, BG Product, Inc. and many volunteers from the drag racing community.

100% of the funds raised at this event will go directly to the CFF Great Strides Fundraising program. The Cystic Fibrosis foundation uses 90% of all funds raised for medical research, medicines, equipment, and assistance to families challenged by this genetic disease. Children with CF rarely live past 30 years and may require lung transplants in the severest cases. These children must consume more than 3000 calories per day because the disease prevents the body from absorbing nutrients from the food that they eat. They must do special breathing exercises and take a regimen of medications on a daily basis just to sustain a normal lifestyle so deserved by these children and their families.

This fun summertime open air Cystic Fibrosis Trackside Barbeque fundraiser featured several nitro cackle cars including The Marcellus Borsch & Boyd's AA/FA "Winged Express"and historic top fuel dragsters such as Ron Johnson's 1963 Chris Karamesines "Chizler" and Rons 1962 Tommy Ivo "Barnstormer" as well as Bob DeBurns "Paradise Alley", Bobby Hansen's "Wynn's Spoiler", the Mooneyes dragster of Chico Kodama and Shige Suganuma and the Deans Engineering car of Jake McCloud.

There were many interactive activities scheduled at this event that included a meal ticket to great Barbequed foods, beverages & deserts. A pledge pedal race, raffles, game booths, the Manufacturer's Cup Challenge's Fabulous Round Girls (Team Cheerleaders) and a Live 60's Band.


A small but impressive group of cacklecars led by Ron Johnson's ChiZler and Barnstormer donated their time an talents for this worth while cause.





Bob Deburn's Paradise Alley




Bobby Hansen's restored "Wynn's Spoiler" AA/FD.



One of Drag Racings icons, the Mooneyes Dragster, which was a part of the first NHRA U. S. Drag Team that went to England and raced on RAF airstrips in 1963. Mooneyes is owned by Chico Kodama and Shigei Suganuma who also owns the Mooneyes Company both here and in Japan.


The Ray Higley "Climax" AA/FA was restored a couple of years ago, by Steve Serot, Ben Scheibel and Rick Biluni. It is a knockout and is for sale. Steve or Rick can be contacted at Toyota of Escondido.


Do I want to know?


The Dean Engineering Special is the second fueler owned originally by the McCloud brothers, Jack and Jake. They also owned the Poacher car originally. Jake is now the sole owner of the Dean Engineering car and often helps Mousie out with the Winged Express as well.



A pair of cacklewawas.


Who is the real Miss Mopar?


Orah Mae and Robin Millar were on hand with all their DragCARTOON goodies.


The coolest brake handle ever.



Kol and Ron Johnson get their cars ready to cackle.


The Cacklecar Owners generously offered the seat in their cars to be auctioned off. Another few hundred dollars was raised for the charity and the winners (many of whom were owner/drivers of cars there to race on Saturday) were thrilled to get the "Nitro" experience.





























I don't think this was suppose to be part of the show....






The drummer in the band was Vinny Appice who also plays in the group Black Sabbath.














Glad its an 1/8 mile track?



Mike doesn't seem too thrilled but Mousie's up on the tires.



The cowl art work is incredible.






















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